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Axis Drone Surveys is the leader in sustainable drone data solutions across West Africa. Our team is dedicated to delivering accurate drone data to catalyse high-level decision-making.

Our Expertise

Our fields of expertise include Agriculture, Power and Water distribution, Mining, Telecommunications, Road and Railway construction.

Our Philosophy

Guided by global engineering survey standards, we believe in delivering the most accurate and precise data within the shortest possible time. We never compromise on professionalism and Data Quality.

Our Experience

Axis Drone Survey consists  of a team of certified pilots and surveyors. Our team of professionals has over 7 year experience in the drone surveying and mapping space. We have embarked on over 100 projects across West Africa.

Our Commitment to Results

We are driven by the will to fulfil difficult tasks in usually very tough terrain. Our commitment to deadlines is the source of major client satisfaction.

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