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Powering the Development of Sustainable Mines using actionable aerial data & design.

Axis Drone Surveys provides survey services for the mining projects. We assist in transforming mining concessions in to operational mines. Aerial data aids in the planning and design of sustainable mines considering the adverse effects on the environment. Analysis of aerial data also allows for other important insights to be gained

Typical Applications

1. Feasibility Studies

2. Topographical Surveys

  • Generation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report (ESIA)

  • Resettlement Mapping

  • Evaluating Financial Feasibility of Mining Project

  • Evaluation of Project Impact on the Community's Livelihood and Related Projections.

  • Generation of Levels/Contours from Aerial Data

  • Extraction of Digital Elevation Models

  • Generating Precise Ground Profile Drawings and other Requisite Data


3. Drone Geophysical Surveys

  • Non-intrusive Exploration of Minerals Using Magnetometer or Gravity


4. Mine Construction Design

  • Design of Mine and Related Structures

  • Estimation of Quantities


5. LiDAR Surveys

  • Generation of Precise Surface Models

  • Calculation of Stockpile Volumes

  • Extraction of Ground Points of Highly Vegetative Zones

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