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Rethinking Precision Agriculture using actionable aerial data & design.

Axis Drone Surveys provides survey services for the Agricultural projects. We assist in topographical surveys for holistic farm designs. This accounts for drainage, irrigation and other farm infrastructure. Analysis of aerial data also allows for other important insights to be gained in the farm.

Typical Applications

1. Feasibility Studies

  • Assessing Feasibility of Processing facilities

  • Generation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report (ESIA)

  • Evaluating Financial Feasibility of Agricultural project

  • Evaluation of Project Impact on the Community's Livelihood and Related Projections.

3. Topographical Surveys

  • Generation of Levels/Contours from Aerial Data

  • Extraction of Digital Elevation Models

  • Generating Precise Ground Profile Drawings and Other Requisite Data

5. Farm Evaluation & Monitoring

  • Plant Population Count

  • Farm Auditing

  • Plant Health Analysis

2. Crop Traceability

  • Using Aerial data to feed traceability systems for commercial crops

4. Farm Design

  • Design of Large Farms considering Topography and Drainage

  • Design of Irrigation Lines

6. Crop Spraying 

  • Application of Chemicals to Crops via Drones


7. LiDAR Surveys

  • Generation of Precise Surface Models

  • Calculation of Stockpile Volumes

  • Extraction of Ground Points of Highly Vegetative Zones

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