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Power and Water


Designing water and electricity supply systems to African Communities using actionable aerial survey data & design.

Axis Drone Surveys provides engineering survey services for the deployment of large scale rural and urban electrification projects across Africa. We also design water supply projects to rural communities. Accurate Aerial data is used in the design of 330 KV transmission lines, Hight Tension (H.T) lines, Low Voltage (L.V)  lines and Water supply lines. Our process expedites the flow of E.P.C during power and water distribution projects.

Typical Applications

1. Feasibility Studies

2. Topographical Surveys

  • Generation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report (ESIA)

  • Evaluating Financial Feasibility of Project

  • Evaluation of Project Impact on the Community's Livelihood and Related Projections.

  • Generation of Levels/Contours from Aerial Data

  • Extraction of Digital Elevation Models

  • Generating Precise Ground Profile Drawings and other Requisite Data

3. Pre-Construction and

Post-Construction Design

  • Design of Electrical and Water Supply Network

  • Estimation of Quantities

  • Electrical Load Estimations

4. LiDAR Surveys

  • Generating Precise Surface Models

  • Calculation of Stockpile Volumes

  • Extraction of Ground Points of Highly Vegetative Zones

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