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Powering the the supply of internet service via aerial data

Axis Drone Surveys provides aerial data that helps in the design of telecommunications networks across Africa. We are driving the digitalisation agenda to the remotest parts of Africa. 

Typical Applications

1. Asset Management System

  • Asset Tracking and Data Analysis

  • Data Insights

  • Asset Maintenance for Telecommunication Infrastructure

  • Evaluation and Monitoring

2. Market & Customer Data Analytics

  • Analyse Characteristics of a Geographical Area Such as Demographics

  • Generate Analytics from Data

3. Pre-Construction and

Post-Construction Design

4. LiDAR Surveys

  • Design of Network

  • Estimation of Quantities

  • Electrical Load Estimations

  • Generation of Precise Surface Models

  • Calculation of Stockpile Volumes

  • Extraction of Ground Points of Highly Vegetative Zones

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