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Road & Railway 


Connecting African Cities using actionable aerial data & design.

Axis Drone Surveys provides engineering survey services for the construction of road and railway lines across Africa. Accurate aerial point clouds are used to generate actionable data to design road and railway infrastructure. Aerial data is essential from the start to finish of these projects.

Typical Applications

1. Feasibility Studies

2. Topographical Surveys

  • Generation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report (ESIA)

  • Evaluating Financial Feasibility of Railway project

  • Evaluation of Project Impact on the Community's Livelihood and Related Projections.

  • Generation of Levels/Contours from Aerial Data

  • Extraction of Digital Elevation Models

  • Generating Precise Ground Profile Drawings and other Requisite Data

3. Asset Management Systems

  • Generation of Geospatial System for Asset Management.

4. LiDAR Surveys

  • Generation of Precise Surface Models

  • Calculation of Stockpile Volumes

  • Extraction of Ground Points of Highly Vegetative Zones

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